Keeping The Promise Project



Uganda is known to have one of the largest populations of young people (18-30 years) in the world. The majority of these young people have no stake in the country’s political agenda, let alone be able to participate meaningfully in the country’s electoral processes. This has over the years created great frustration and contempt for the relevance of electoral processes among the young, causing many to either retire or engage in a destructive manner. As the election in 2016 comes closer, increases in fear for electoral violence also increases. In the past, riots between the many young people and the police and military, have had fatal consequences with loss of life, general uncertainty and loss of legal certainty as a result. This project is an attempt to alleviate such catastrophic events. We want this project can contribute to a peaceful election through a broad invitation of young people to peacefully participate in the elections and for politicians to recognize and bring youth issues on the political agenda.

Main objective:

To facilitate an empowered and peaceful youth population in Uganda that constructively participates in the country’s governance and development processes at large.

Specific objectives:

  1. To promote peaceful and non-violent youth participation in Uganda’s 2016 general elections
  2. To facilitate that youth issues get into the policy agenda
  3. To follow-up on the uptake of the Youth Manifesto and lobby for youth issues in the country’s policy discourse

Key Activities:

  1. Training of 30 Youth Peer Educators in Dialogue for Peace tools and methods
  2. Implement 4 Election Caravans in 4 slums around Kampala
  3. Hold 6 non-violence campaign Radio talk shows
  4. Hold 6 non-violence campaign Television talk shows
  5. Engage young people in a peaceful election discussion on social media (Facebook and Twitter)
  6. Produce 1000 copies of the simplified Mini Youth Manifesto
  7. Hold 3 Bridging Dialogues in four universities (Makerere, Mukono and Nakawa)
  8. Hold 3 Bridging Dialogues in three districts (Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono)
  9. Hold 4 Quarterly policy lobby oriented meetings with youth politicians from targeted districts
  10. Training of 30 Youth Peer mobilizers in policy lobbying and advocacy
  11. Compile a Youth in Elections documentary
  12. Hold 2 bi-annual Press briefings and media engagements